Welcome to Dartmouth College Uniformed Service Alumni: a shared interest alumni group for Armed Service members and their families. 

We are a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to promoting the ideals of service at Dartmouth and supporting all those who put on a uniform in the defense of their country.

We invite all members of the Dartmouth Community -- from the college or grad schools, alumni or faculty, service members or their families -- to join with us and ensure that the Long Green Line of Dartmouth military alumni continues to follow the trajectory of service, wherever it may lead.

Club Update

SEEKING NOMINATIONS: James Wright Award for Distinguished Service
Do you know of a Dartmouth alum who has performed exceptional service to Dartmouth, his/her community, or the nation? If so, nominate them to receive DUSA's highest award, to be presented at our annual Veterans Day banquet. Send the nomination to: DartmouthUSA@gmail.com

DUSA Constitution RATIFIED
Voting is complete on the now ratified Constitution and By-Laws of the Dartmouth Uniformed Service Alumni.  The governing document was approved on 9 February 2014 with 96.9% of the vote.

Please fill out DUSA New Member Form
We want to learn more about our members!  To join the DUSA membership roster please fill out our New Member Form available on the Join tab at DUSA.Dartmouth.org/Join.  Those who have not yet joined may apply for membership using the same form.

Self-guided war-memorial tour now online!
Click the "Memorials" tab on the top toolbar to download campus maps, read detailed commentary, view pictures, and see transcriptions of each of Dartmouth's war monuments.  There you will also find a complete roster of Dartmouth's war dead.  There we mark the price of freedom.


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